River’s Gift 2020

River’s Gift 2020

Geelong Physiotherapy proudly provides physiotherapy services for those runners (elite and beginners) who are training and raising funds to Stamp Out SIDS (SOS).

Upcoming events are;

2020 Great Ocean Road Running Festival: Join the River’s Gift run training program and receive professional training in a supportive team environment for the 44km, 23km, 14km and 6km events on 16 May – 17 May 2020.

A great way to get fit and meet new people whilst supporting a worthy charity to Stamp Out SIDS.

If you’re not able to attend our training, sign up for your very own River’s Gift online training program. .

For the family of a SIDS victim, the unexplained nature of the death is beyond heartbreaking. The unanswered questions exacerbate and prolong the grief.

River’s Gift was established in November 2011 by two devastated, yet focused and determined parents who were searching for answers surrounding the death of their 4 month old son, River Jak Adam. It has now developed into a global movement, with thousands of supporters across the globe and the formation of a dedicated research partnership that is committed to finding a cure.

Is trekking Nepal on your bucket list?     Email us at [email protected]versgift.com for more details or view their Facebook page here.



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